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The world's leading expert on North Korean affairs, Lankov lived and studied in the DPRK during the 1980s

Andrei Lankov

Ji-min Kang

Kate Dagyum Ji

Kang is a North Korean correspondent who originally comes from Pyongyang and left the DPRK in 2005

Byrne is NK News Director for Data and Analysis and is a specialist in DPRK ship tracking

Chad O'Carroll

Leo Byrne

Ji is an NK News correspondent based in Seoul. She previously worked for Reuters TV

Hamish Macdonald 

A professor of North Korean studies at Korea University, Gabroussenko writes on political culture. 

Macdonald is an NK News contributor. He previously worked at the Korea Herald. 

Hotham is the Managing Editor of NK News and writes news and features between London and Seoul. 

Oliver Hotham

Fyodor Tertitskiy

Tertitskiy is a Ph.D. candidate at Seoul National University and writes about North Korea's history and society. 

Tatiana Gabroussenko 

Stephan Haggard

Haggard is the director of the Korea-Pacific Program, and distinguished professor of political science at UC San Diego.


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Through a unique network of in-country sources, leading experts, refugee voices and specialist journalists, NK News provides news, analysis and opinion that you simply won't find anywhere else – on a daily basis.

Specialist Focus
Our specialized focus helps us give you a perspective that is different to regular news wires or analytic sources where journalists and experts are often required to provide coverage on breaking events without specialist long-term knowledge of the country.

Impartiality Matters
Funded principally through user subscriptions, NK News has no agenda to fulfil beyond being an honest broker of timely and reliable news and analysis for its readers.


O'Carroll is the Chief NK News correspondent and writes news and features between London and Seoul. 

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As the UNC/CFC/USFK Commander I received a daily intelligence report from my staff. In retirement, NK News is now expertly filling this need for me. Great job to Chad and his team

General Walter Sharp

Former Commander, U.S. Forces Korea

NK News has become one of the most important sources of information for many of us who watch North Korea. It is up-to-date, comprehensive, and full of useful detail.

Former United Kingdom Ambassador to DPRK

Whether you're a North Korea news junkie, a professional DPRK-watcher, or just experiencing a passing fascination with the Hermit Kingdom, NK News is an essential source. That it is also highly readable and beautifully presented just adds to the enjoyment. 

Max Fisher

New York Times

Ambassador John Everard

NK News provides a welcome window on a much wider variety of issues regarding all things North Korean. The analysis and coverage are superb. 

Ambassador Jack Pritchard

Former U.S. Special Envoy to DPRK

NK News is the most comprehensive source of news and information on North Korea out there; indispensable.

Dr. Stephan Haggard

University of California, San Diego

Lankov and Foster-Carter are hugely thoughtful and well-informed and always worth reading, as is 'Ask a North Korean'"

David Hawk

North Korea Human Rights Expert



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