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Reinforce your brand with an advertisement on NK News and benefit from an average 530,000 impressions per month, spread over  372,000 unique visitors interested in North Korea.

Share your high impact message with an audience primarily located across the U.S, UK, Canada, South Korea, and Australia.


Average 530,000 page views per month

Reach influential opinion leaders

Share your message with a growing high-value audience of influential opinion leaders and decision makers by advertising with NK News. 

Subscribed to by foreign ministries, intelligence specialists, leading news agencies, academics and experts alike, NK News is read regularly by the people that matter.

Directly target over 25,000 subscribers with NK News

Reinforce your message by advertising directly to our email, Facebook and Twitter subscribers and gain access to analytics to guage impact.

NK News social media accounts are rated a maximum impact score of 100/100 by Sprout Social

Frequently cited by mainstream media

NK News content is regularly cited by leading media outlets including CNN, BBC, Al-Jazeera, Yonhap News, Wall Street Journal, and Fox.

Alexa.com data indicates that NK News is the most-cited English language North Korea focused website in the world.

Capture major traffic spikes

As any long time North Korea watcher knows, mainstream interest in DPRK affairs can swing dramatically following key news events each year.

But by advertising with NK News on a fixed rate agreement, you're putting your brand in an excellent position to ride the tidal wave of traffic that follows these unpredictable but almost quarterly news events.



In 2013, advertisers with NK News benefitted from a sustained and major rise in interest in DPRK affairs, with traffic reaching over 25,000 unique visitors per day for a period of two months.


March 2014 traffic

  • 78,747 unique visitors per week (average)
  • 533,594 page views per month (average)

What our readers say

What our readers say

Advertising options


Our premium advertising space allows you to reach users with a high impact and unmissable message above every single page on NK News. Both static images and new media acceptable.



Our interstitial advertising messages are shown ahead of article and page views, allowing you to capture 100% of the attention of our reader for up to ten seconds. An on-page floating option is also available, particularly useful for data collection or survey needs.



Occupy 500px of premium vertical real estate on our sidebar and grab the attention of thousands of readers daily. Both static images and new media acceptable.



Our square format is ideal for generating high clickthrough traffic for a targeted or compelling campaign that does not require the usage of significant screen real estate. Both static images and new media acceptable.



Want to really hammer home your message? Then inquire about our site takeover package, which allows all of the above options to be taken in exclusivity by one advertiser.



Standard Web Products

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Custom Web Products

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313 x 261px                                              $450                                                 $1500                

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Up to one Facebook post and
Two tweets per day to NKN lists


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Two specific messages per week &
brand sponsor message every day
in NK News email shots


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