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Korea Risk Group offers North Korea briefings, conference calls, closed door events, professional analysis, and access to the world's leading team of North Korea experts.

Let our experts guide your decisions

Our clients include global investment banks, multi national corporations, and branches of militaries and governments from around the world.  What they share is a desire for objective analysis, factual research, and the ability to have their questions answered by world class experts. 

In many instances, our services become an extension of our clients' own operations. We provide an outsourced solution to understanding the dynamics and risks of the Korean Peninsula.

To suit our clients' needs, we offer varying levels of service and access to our team. The table below describes the differences between these service levels, and highlights the additional benefits that our Institutional Services provide.

Package One

Package One takes you beyond the headlines and regular reporting that you expect from NK Pro and NK News. Delivering weekly briefings from our Managing Director and Senior Analysts. Our key team members share their insights into the current situation on the Peninsula, what we’re watching, and what could impact our clients. Monthly conference calls allow clients to field their questions and hear what other clients are asking, as our analysts address some of the most pressing issues in relation to North Korea.

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Package Two

Package Three

Weekly Executive Briefings

Our team of qualified in-house experts will keep you informed and ensure you only receive the most qualified analysis in digestible format, we bring you weekly snapshots of all major events and tell you why they matter.

Our analysts share their insights into the current situation on the Korean peninsula, what we’re watching, and how it could impact you and your business.

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Receive briefings from our Directors and Senior Analysts on key issues and triggers, each week.

Package Two delivers a personalized service to you and your business. Once a month, Senior Analysts and Directors will meet your team to discuss your specific questions and engage in dialogue via a private conference call. This includes all of the briefings, reports, and main client call, which are available in Package One, along with as access to the NK Pro and NK News platforms. However, the additional services and access needed to ensure that all of your questions are addressed comprehensively on a monthly basis are provided.

Package Three is the ultimate resource for understanding the dynamics and risks involved in doing business or investing on the Korean Peninsula. In addition to having access to all of Korea Risk Group’s products and services, you will also be assigned an Institutional Account Manager. This Account manager will be your point of contact, liaising between your team and the Senior Analysts and Directors of Korea Risk group on a personalized basis. It’s liking having your own team of North Korea experts.

Detailed analysis, scenario planning, and tracking of triggers and key events, delivered monthly.

Through our monthly Korea Risk Monitor, you and your team will gain an expansive breakdown of the month’s major events in a clear and structured format, including updates to all major indexes, trackers, and scenarios.

Our Korea Risk Monitor covers the following sections to deliver a clear understanding of the Korean peninsula.

  • Executive Summary
  • Situational Overview
  • Triggers and Indicators
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Scenario Planning

Client Conference Calls

Extended Services & 24 Hour Support

Package Three provides clients with 24 hour support and a personal Relationship Manager to oversee your requests.

KRG’s goal is to provide your business with comprehensive resources that compliment your team and mission. We’re dedicated in ensuring you get the most out of our services and as part of your subscription to Package Three, you will be assigned a dedicated Account Manager to personally manage and support your business requirements.

This Account manager will be your point of contact, liaising between your team and the Senior Analysts and Directors of Korea Risk Group on a personalized basis. They will provide guidance and assistance on both utilizing and maintaining our platform to your advantage, as well as fielding questions on your behalf to ensure timely and comprehensive answers are received. We’re here to support your team in identifying and understanding the information that’s important to you and your operations in relation to the Korean Peninsula and North Korea.

Weekly KRG Briefings
Monthly KRG Reports
Monthly Client Calls

Weekly KRG Briefings
Monthly KRG Reports
Monthly Client Calls
Monthly One-on-One Calls

Weekly KRG Briefings
Monthly KRG Reports
Monthly Client Calls
Monthly One-on-One Calls
Direct Analyst Access
24-Hour Dedicated Support


Once a month, our team of analysts meet to discuss your questions via a client conference call. This provides our Institutional Subscribers a chance to have their questions answered, along with other clients, and to hear our analysts share their views candidly.

Depending on the questions being addressed, different experts may participate, including those with expertise in certain disciplines and the occassional guest speaker.

Each month our team responds to questions from Institutional Subscribers via client conference calls.

Korea Risk Monitor

Private Analyst Calls

Our team meets with you on a monthly basis to privately address your questions and concerns.

In addition to participating in our group client calls, you also receive one-on-one calls with our top analysts and directors to address your concerns and questions directly. 

This service is part of the Package Two and Package Three services. Calls last between an hour and an hour and a half and will include analysts relevant to the topics of your choosing.

Invitation Only Events

Join us for expert presentations, small group luncheons, special-access briefings.

Korea Risk Group hosts regular meetings for Institutional Subscribers, including client only presentations, special-access briefings, and event driven seminars to ensure your team is aware of the intricacies unfolding on the Korean peninsula.

Meetings and presentations have been held in Seoul, South Korea and Washington, D.C. Future events are being planned for these locations, and Hong Kong and London, England.

Private In Person Meetings

Direct access to Korea Risk Group's network of experts to strengthen and inform your perspective.

In addition to participating in closed door events, client calls, private analyst briefings, and enjoying the benefits of Korea Risk Group's NK Pro and NK News platform, Institutional Subscribers that choose Package Three will have access to Korea Risk Group's internal network.

Meetings can be arranged with former diplomats from numerous countries and postings from around the region, former military leaders, and experts in numerous fields related to North Korea. Your Package Three relationship manager will ensure you have access to individuals that can better help shape your own view of the Peninsula.

Services designed to fit your needs

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