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NK News is an independent, privately-owned specialist information source that focuses on North Korea. The site aims to be the most evidence-based and reliable source of news, opinion, and data on North Korea in the world. Funded almost entirely through user subscriptions, NK News has no agenda to fulfill beyond being an honest broker of timely and reliable information to its readers. 

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The "North Korea:  Month in Review" is a 30-40 page news summary product including analysis on all the latest devleopments, sorted by category.

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“Ever since it began, NK News has been part of my essential daily reading on North Korea. 

It has become a primary source of information for the North Korea watching community.”

John Everard

Former UK Ambassador to DPRK

Martin Uden

Former Coordinator of the UN's DPRK Panel of Experts

"The Panel found that being able to have access to NK News’s regular reporting, its specialized offerings and its staff added greatly to our effectiveness.

They were all models of clarity, independence and probity, and helped us by often providing context and corroboration for our own information."

"Lankov and Foster-Carter are hugely thoughtful and well-informed and always worth reading, as is 'Ask a North Korean'"

David Hawk

North Korea researcher

Stephen Haggard

University of California, San Diego

"NK News is the most comprehensive source of news and information on North Korea out there; indispensable."

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